Jamie Oliver’s TED Prize Speech: Teach every child about food

In a passionate and powerful speech, 2010 TED Prize winner Jamie Oliver discusses the current dietary epidemic facing the US and the rest of the world.  Increases in the rate of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and other lifestyle diseases point to an unsettling conclusion about the state our nation’s health.  Poor nutrition and diet are largely to blame for these problems and these practices are learned at an early age.

Using his influence as a celebrity chef, Oliver aims to improve Americans’ cooking habits by getting them away from processed foods and back in the kitchen.  Educating people about the things that they eat is essential in combating unhealthy eating.  For this reason schools are a particularly important battleground to Oliver.  It is here that kids are supposed to learn about food and proper nutrition.  If good examples aren’t set in schools, the institutions we trust to teach our children crucial life skills, then where are they supposed to learn a healthy diet?

Smart Lunches is taking an active role in the fight to improve the diet of our nation’s youth.  As a company with an eye on nutritious eating, Smart Lunches is feeding kids the meals they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and learn about proper nutrition.  It’s time to start teaching kids about food again and the first step is feeding them food that exemplifies a wholesome diet.

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